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When Scans Get Spooky...

When you think of an ultrasound scan, ‘spooky’ is the last thing you’d think of, right?

Well, these mummies beg to differ, myself included! On occasion, babies may turn their heads during an ultrasound scan, looking directly up and at the probe, giving the illusion of baby directly looking at you! When this happens, you can get an astonishing view of their developing skull and facial features – it’s honestly mindblowing, as well as spooky!

We had a chat with the lovely mummies in our community and unearthed some gems!

(From left to right, top to bottom)

Natalie Midgley (photo one) sent in this snap of her little one’s face tilted towards the probe; you can make out some really delicate features here, we love how you can make out the bridge of her nose! It’s quite spooky to be able to see a growing baby so clearly when they’re inside you, isn’t it?

Caitlin Curtis sent in photo two – it’s spookily clear and the features you can make out are incredible!

Harry Potter fans, check out photo three, sent in by Charlene McCallum! Doesn’t her baby look JUST like the Dark Mark?!

Chantelle Mccann sent in photo four; can you make out the Joker?

Tammy Louise sent in photo five. We can make out her late grandad’s face in the scan, to the right – now that really IS spooky!

Melissa Warren sent in photo six, baby is staring directly at the probe and you can see right into their tiny little head, eeeek!

Amanda McAnally sent in photo seven – 13 is her lucky number, as it was her late father’s too. Her scan was on the 13th at exactly 13 weeks, and baby was born on the 13th. Scarily, she can make out her late father’s face on the scan, too.

Chloe Goodison sent in photo eight. This is her first scan at twelve weeks, and baby is definitely not camera shy!

Chloe Lavan sent in photo nine – the details on this scan are incredible, those lips are to die for, and the accuracy is so spooky.

Tell us about your own spooky ultrasound scans in the comments!

Love from Katie & Team BBY! Xx

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