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The Best Binge Watches For Parents

by Bump, Baby & You

If you’re a parent in need of a little chill time, you could do with a good ‘binge watch’.

Binge watching is exactly what it says on the tin; bingeing on gripping drama that leaves you hooked and helps you to kill those long and lonely hours of night feeds, cluster feeds, poorly children, children who refuse to sleep… The list is endless!

We’ve asked the parents over in our online community to share their current favourite  binge watches with us, and we’ve put together our favourite hit list for the ultimate binge watching session. Enjoy!

You Seasons 1 & 2

Based on the book but with quite a few plot changes, this is well worth watching and will leave you both conflicted and addicted! This follows the handsome, charming yet subtly creepy Joe Goldberg through his obsessive ‘observation’ of the women he lures into relationships, and what happens next will honestly leave you on tenterhooks. We cannot wait for season 3!

You can find this on Netflix.

Credit: Netflix

The Stranger

Based on a book, but with some crucial differences, this one has had me GLUED to the television recently. This 8 part series follows characters who are approached by ‘The Stranger’, who has sensitive information about them and threatens to leak this unless she is paid off. The web of lies untangled will blow your mind…

You can find this on Netflix.

Credit: Netflix

Call The Midwife

Also based on a book, Call The Midwife is absolutely worth a watch and will leave you laughing, crying, and smiling. We’ve loved watching the progression from the very first series. It airs on Sundays on BBC One at 8pm, but you can catch up on iPlayer, or find older seasons on Netflix.

Credit: BBC

Sex Education

Another Netflix hit, Sex Education is hilarious! It looks at the pressures that teenagers deal with when it comes to sex and follows a group of friends who set up their own sex advice service – well worth a binge.

Credit: Netflix

The Good Place

Netflix again… Clearly they’re the place to go for addictive watching! The Good Place starts off nice and unassuming… until the truth of the situation comes to light! It’s full of dark humour and deals with the topic of death in a very light yet realistic way. The cast is also phenomenal!

Credit: Netflix

Bates Motel

You can find all 5 series on Netflix. This is a horror series, so if you’re easily spooked, this may not be for you. This series follows a mother and son who open their own hotel after the death of the father; the mental state of the son sends everything spiralling, and if you love your horror flicks, you will love this!

Credit: Netflix

AJ & The Queen

Another one that I’ve binge watched recently, if you’re a fan of the drag scene and Ru Paul’s Drag Race, then you’re guaranteed to adore this. If not, then you’ll still love it as it’s bloomin’ hilarious and actually pretty heartwarming, too. This follows the story of a scammed drag queen and the child of her neighbour who go on a road trip, it’s quite rude at times but it’s the perfect comic relief after a long day.

Credit: Netlflix

Making a Murderer

Dark, horrifying and absolutely gripping, Making a Murderer follows a real murder case from the US, and will leave you asking SO many questions! If you’re into crime stories, then this is honestly a great binge watch. You can find it on Netflix!

Prison Break

Available on Fox and Netflix, this was a popular vote amongst our mummies and daddies. It follows the story of a man whose brother is wrongly imprisoned on Death Row in prison, and his bid to break him free. There’s so much action and drama, and we think that this is definitely one of the most addictive binge watches!

Credit: Netflix

Stranger Things

And finally, one of the best known Netflix originals… Stranger Things! This series is more sci-fi than the other options and is set in the 1980’s. A group of friends inadvertently stumble upon a paranormal science experiment being performed at a nearby lab, which starts to influence the lives of people living in their town. It is quite scary in parts but you will love the plot twists!

Credit: Netflix

What would you add to our list of binge watches? Let us know in the comments!

You can also read more about enjoying a cosy night in with our goodie guide here!

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx


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