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Which? Battery & Magnet Safety Alert

Which? have issued a safety alert due to research highlighting hidden dangers in some toys found on online marketplaces…

When it comes to toys, it is SO important to know what sort of hazards and problems to look out for – children are curious and the last thing we want as parents is for them to have an accident! We keep a close eye on Which? as they often issue important alerts about dangers and recalls on items that are relevant to us and our children, so this latest research and alert by Which? is worth a read.

Which? tested 28 toys purchased on various online marketplaces and the results were concerning.

In the Which? test of 28 toys bought from AliExpress, Amazon Marketplace, eBay and Wish, it was found that 12 toys (more than 40% of those tested) failed standard safety tests and would be dangerous for children to play with! Some of the toys failed safety tests a number of times due to numerous different hazards;

  • 12 of the 28 toys tested failed safety tests with some failing more than once due to different hazards found.
  • 10 toys posed a choking hazard for a child. Two toys posed a strangulation hazard for a child.
  • Two toys had either easy to swallow magnets or easily accessible and removable batteries that could cause serious internal injury to a child if ingested.

Overall, Which? found more than 50 safety failures in the 12 toys that failed safety tests.

Why are magnets and batteries in toys so dangerous?

Magnets and batteries in toys can be incredibly dangerous in the wrong circumstances – Which? have put together a video explaining why in excellent detail, which you can watch below. Magnets can get stuck they move through the digestive system causing serious problems, and batteries contain acid which can cause burns and corrosion, which can also be very serious. If a toy has a battery or magnets that are easy to access,  the toy is simply not safe for young children.

Which toys failed the Which? safety testing?

Here are the 12 toys that failed the Which? testing – you can read more about these alerts and the reasons that these toys are unsafe in detail on the Which? website here.

  • Baby sensory box – sold on eBay by Brightstarsensory
  • Ring teether with bells and ribbons – sold on AliExpress by Babycut2
  • Rainbow ribbon ring – sold on eBay by by Willowstoys
  • Toy flip phone – sold on AliExpress by Joyfia Official Store

Image Credit: Which?

  • Toy dog (left image) – sold on Wish by Qingfen
  • Toy dog (right image) – sold on eBay by Ledlighting666
  • Caterpillar crib toy – sold on Wish by Yzt
  • Hanging monkey crib rattle – sold on Wish by Goodsalesstore

Image Credit: Which?

  • Doctor’s set (left image) – sold on Wish by Xiatianday
  • Doctor’s set (right image) – sold on AliExpress by Mandye Store
  • Infinitoo magnetic building blocks – sold on Amazon by Bala EU
  • Toy tablet – sold on Wish by Scartless

Image Credit: Which?


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