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AITA: Didn't Get Pregnant Wife Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day... would you be offended if you didn't get a card or gift when pregnant?

This can be a contentious topic; we asked the mums over in our private Facebook group and the vast majority actually voted 'no'! However, we're sure that if their partners were rude and obnoxious over whether they're classed as a mum 'yet', they'd be pretty unhappy. 

One expectant daddy took to the Reddit AITA (am I the asshole) board to ask; is he an asshole for not getting his pregnant wife a Mother's Day gift? In this situation, we're thinking it's more a case of what he said, and how he said it, rather than the lack of gift causing offence!


Read the full thread here - credit to Reddit.

What was the general consensus?

The vast majority of readers voted the father-to-be an asshole for not treating his pregnant wife on Mother's Day. The shared stance seemed to be that, whilst the baby isn't born yet, she is carrying his child and as a pregnant woman, definitely deserves some recognition on the special day and didn't deserve his rudeness. Some noted that even a token card with a cute message 'from bump' would have been something, anything, and helped to show some appreciation. The best rated comment was...

"YTA. She's going to be heavily pregnant and probably really, REALLY ready to not be pregnant anymore and in need of some appreciation at that point. Getting all sneeringly pedantic about her being "not actually a mother" is just a complete jackass move when you could be an actual good husband and decent human being and treat her a little."

Our verdict...

We'd agree that the argument over whether a woman is considered a mum when heavily pregnant is pedantic and down to how the woman perceives herself - her husband needs to 'read the room' and perhaps show some consideration in his wording! We'd like to note that, in the end, the poster actually updated and admitted that he's in the wrong here, which is nice to see. It's always promising when someone recognises they've messed up! We hope that he profusely apologised to his wife and goes all-out next Mother's Day...

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