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AITA: Husband Sold Baby Shower Gifts

Baby shower gifts can be so useful to new parents who are just starting out!

You might find that you get quite a few duplicates, 'nappy cakes', and enough toys to fill their toy box until your baby is no longer a baby, but on the whole, our loved ones do a great job in setting us up for the incoming arrival. It can save us a lot of money, time and stress, as well as showing us just how generous and lovely the people in our lives are!

One expectant mummy took to the Reddit AITA (am I the asshole) board to ask, is she the asshole for outing her errant husband... for SELLING all of the baby shower gifts that she received?! Check out her post below.


Read the full post here - credit to Reddit.

What was the general consensus?

It comes as no surprise to see that the poster was voted unanimously NTA (not the asshole), with thousands of people jumping on to tear a strip off her husband for his actions! Many comments pointed out that this was stealing, not only from his wife but also his unborn child, as well as incredibly and irredeemably selfish, especially given his reasons for selling her baby shower gifts! Stealing to fund a trip with his friends did not wash at all with the Reddit readers, and the top voted comment was very simple...

"NTA, and find yourself a good divorce lawyer."

Some other comments on the response board also pointed out that selling gifts, in most societies, is considered to be highly rude - so beyond the huge upset caused to the expectant mum, the people who went out of their way and spent their own money on gifts are also right to be angry! The rogue husband, in this case, ruined his own reputation and his refusal to shoulder any responsibility has left many readers concerned that this man is not mature enough to be a father.

 Our verdict...

Simply put, we agree with the top voted comment. If a husband can display this level of immature, selfish behaviour, and STEAL from his wife and unborn child, we feel that this is a huge red flag showing that he's not a good character or a trustworthy spouse. Wanting to go on a trip with your friends is understandable and allowable, but stealing baby shower gifts to fix a vehicle that isn't even your own, to impress your friends and make the trip happen? Throw that man in the BIN.

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