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Charlie Gard Will Be Kept On Life Support Until Appeal

Charlie Gard will be kept on life support until his parents’ appeal can be considered, the Supreme Court has ruled.

May 31st 2017, a legal agreement with Great Ormond Street Hospital was due to run out at midnight.

His parents failed in their appeal against a High Court and a ruling was made that Charlie should be moved to palliative care. GOSH said in court that Charlie’s condition has left him unable to see, hear, make a noise or move.

The High Court judge, Mr Justice Francis, sided with GOSH and concluded that his life-support treatment should end. Charlie’s parents, had asked three Court of Appeal judges to overturn Mr Justice Francis’s decision – but his decision was upheld.

Today the family were to find if his life support could remain on until the re-appeal had been decided. It was granted and GOSH were not allowed to turn off his life support. They have to wait until after their appeal has been decided if it should all go ahead.

We now wait until 8th June where the Supreme Court justice decide for good. It will become the last conclusion whether or not to hear an appeal from Chris Gard and Connie Yates.

Doctors in America agreed they could try and treat Charlie if funds were raised. They managed to raise a whopping £1.3m to send him to the US for experimental treatment.

Charlie has mitochondrial depletion syndrome, which is a really rare disorder that affects his body from producing cells that form into energy for all his vital organs.

We now wait until 8th June for final outcome. Best wishes to Connie and Chris!

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