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Joe Wicks is Giving Free PE Lessons on Youtube!

With social distancing and the closure of schools, many parents are really worried about keeping their children physically active.

Not everyone has a garden, and even then, we can feel limited as to what we can do for fun exercise with kids within that space. Health & fitness guru Joe Wicks (AKA The Body Coach) has saved the day with this fabulous idea – it will inspire you with new ideas, and workouts that you can also do indoors if you’re limited for garden space or don’t have one at all!

Joe has announced that each weekday, he will be holding a 30 minute fitness class for kids via his Youtube channel. You can use the Youtube app on a smart TV to take part, or position a device somewhere stable that your kids can stand in front of to watch and take part.

Announcing the news on his Instagram account, Joe has said:

‘Starting from Monday, every single day from Monday to Friday, I’m going to do a live workout called “PE with Joe” on my YouTube channel The Body Coach TV. It’s a workout specifically designed for kids. Because when the schools closed, there is no PE. Don’t worry, I’ve got you. I’m going to take this over. I’m going get your kids moving, fit and energised, positive and optimistic.’

Follow him on Youtube here and share with your friends – what a fantastic free resource!

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