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Baby Name Inspiration ... Most Popular Baby Names.

I must say, there are some extremely difficult parts of pregnancy, but choosing a baby name has to be up there as one of the most difficult tasks.

Should you opt for classic or creative? Traditional or unusual? The lists in the baby name books are endless, the struggle is real!

If you’re in need of some inspiration then take a look at this list of most popular names from 2015 to see what everyone else decided on!

Top 10 girls names:

1. Olivia 
2. Sophia 
3. Lily 
4. Emily
5. Amelia 
6. Chloe 
7. Isabelle
8. Sophie 
9. Ella 
10. Isabella 

Top 10 Boys Names:

1. Muhammad 
2. Oliver 
3. Jack 
4. Noah 
5. Jacob 
6. Harry 
7. Charlie 
8. Ethan 
9. James 
10. Thomas 

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