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My Biggest Down Sides Of Pregnancy

You find out you’re pregnant. Congratulations!

You’re excited and cannot wait to tell the world your exciting news.


You tell the world and they share their experiences and hopes with you.

Tell you how amazing pregnancy is and tell you to relax and enjoy every minute of the experience.

I am currently 28 weeks. I had everyone tell me the beautiful side of pregnancy and how amazing each stage is – nobody warned me of the other side of pregnancy!

SICKNESS & Nausea: for most pregnant women, nausea is common. The constant feeling of sickness and hunger overcomes you at random points of the day, especially in the morning (God damn you morning sickness) – putting you off the food you enjoy the most (for me it was my beloved cup of tea!). However for the lucky few, this nausea can turn into the nightmare of constant vomiting all night and day. I was one of them. Vomiting night and day, barely eating 100 calories a day, having my skin look more like flaky paint and loosing 10lbs in the first 10 weeks! Anti-sickness and sleep – they’re my best remedies! It does ease – eventually!

Mood swings and tantrums: Those raging hormones inside you are causing havoc with your body. If you think your ‘time of the month’ mood swings were bad wait for your pregnancy ones! Tearful breakdowns come frequently and over stupid things (for me it was because my OH didn’t do the washing up or put the toilet seat down!). A few times, the breakdowns come out of tiredness and come unexpectedly! As much as I felt stupid afterwards, the sympathy you can get is great!

Say goodbye to your beloved jeans: I was 19 weeks when I could last fit into my favourite jeans! I was heartbroken. I could barely get them over my backside! I knew I’d grow out of them but not this quickly! I ended up running around the local town looking for maternity stuff that wasn’t frumpy and was black.  Tip:* New Look and Peacocks do cracking maternity trousers! Don’t worry about tops just go a size or two bigger than your usual size!

Ligament Pain: At 22 weeks, my bump seemed to double in size over night! The stretching of the skin sends you into an itching frenzy and good old bio-oil / cocoa butter can help ease that. However, for the few who go through a quick ‘bump spurt’ no one warns you of the increasing pain of Ligament Pain. Christ almighty. It feels like someone has grabbed your muscle and tearing them the other way. Nothing can help sorry ladies, just a warm bath and paracetamol. (Why haven’t they invented something safe and stronger for pregnant women!?)

“Sleep as much as you can because once baby is here you won’t be doing much of that”: I had so many telling me this over the last few weeks. Sounds an amazing idea and a great excuse to take an afternoon nap when you can. (believe me – you will nap plenty over the coming weeks &  no one can complain at you!). However once that little one inside starts wriggling around and you feel every single movement, so does your bladder. Two, three even four times during the night, that little bugger will happily kick your bladder and make you shoot out of the bed bursting to pee! Thanks little one, nice to know my bladder still works however it is not a plaything!

Although I have had a moan about my pregnancy – especially the down sides; there are many upsides to pregnancy too and I wouldn’t change this feeling for the world I am happy to be having our baby and I am looking forward to May when our tiny terror does arrive!

My name is Zoe; 27 weeks pregnant at the time of writing. First time blogger and first time mum.

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