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Pregnancy. Love or hate?

Hello my lovely BBY Family!

Pregnancy is something that takes to some but others not so much. For me I suffered. I had depression for about 4/5 years. When I got pregnant it was worse than ever, this was due to other people and their unfortunate losses. This led me to believe it would happen to me so I never bonded with my bump. I constantly expected the worst to happen and that I wouldn’t have a happy and healthy baby.

I suffered terribly with heartburn and on most days I would be drinking mouthfuls upon mouthfuls of Gaviscon to help my poor body. But besides mental health issues, I came out with a gorgeous, smiling little girl who had barely any hair as much to my dismay with all the Gaviscon bottles that were sat in my recycling bin.

Thanks to my heartburn and forever ‘mummy I can’t get comfortable’ bump, I struggled to sleep. Sleep is my best friend so when I had to loose it, I was moody and hormonal.

The one thing I loved was the feel of her moving around. When I was having a bad day at work, she would remind me that she was there and soon would be here to make things better. Even though her trying to get comfy would wind me up, it is something I miss greatly. I can’t put into words just how it felt.

Recently I made a post asking for the lovely ladies of Bump, Baby and You to tell me their loves and hates of pregnancy. Below are some of their comments that they’ve kindly sent me.

I love being pregnant because of feeling baby bean moving about and knowing my body’s helping my baby to grow. But I dislike pregnancy because of the no energy, horrendous sickness, heart burn and a gastritis attack.. – Charlotte Isobel Moon

“I love being pregnant as it’s something I thought I’d never be able to do. My husband was told he couldn’t father children and I was told I wouldn’t be able to carry. The kicks you get when you place your hand on your belly or speak to your bump. I love being in love with someone I have yet to meet.” – Jen Boughey

The best thing ever is feeling bubba moving and kicking! I hated the SPD and heartburn the most. – Claire-Louise Black

“I loved being pregnant because, knowing that me and the man I love made this beautiful human being, and the fact its something I’ve succeeded in doing by myself (physically) makes me so happy. I hated it because of hormones and snapping at my man all the time when he never did anything wrong. Also the nesting stage at 9 months when I couldn’t move was a pain in the arse!” – Christina Storey

I loved feeling and seeing my baby move and knowing it was safe in my belly and I loved imagining who was in there as I didn’t know the sex. It was amazing picturing who this baby was and what they looked like. The one thing I didn’t like about it was that I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (my dad has type 1 so had to be tested) so it was hard having to plan every little thing I ate so my baby wasn’t poorly and had to check my blood sugars all the time and inject insulin. I hated that my blood sugars would drop and I’d have a hypo or that they’d be too high and I’d feel ill and panic that my baby was ill. Luckily when she came out she was a lovely perfectly healthy girl – Amelia Grace Horsfield

“I loved being pregnant as I could eat my entire body weight in chocolate and ice cream! Things I disliked was I had severe hyperemesis so I wasted all the chocolate and ice cream.” – Grace Victoria Knowles

I loved being pregnant because the feeling of creating a life is magical. From the first moment you pee on a stick and see those long awaited lines, the love is there and only continues to grow! I hate not having control of what’s happening to baby whilst he grows in me, being helpless when he has been poorly and not being able to do anything to control the situation is a heart breaking feeling – Natalie Taylor

“Loved the movements and hiccups. HATED the preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, constant joint dislocations made worse with the pregnancy hormones (thanks to my Ehlers Danlos syndrome), exhaustion and zero energy. I honestly felt better straight after my emergency caesarean & 14 hours of labour alongside a massive post partum haemorrhage than I did during my third trimester! Very sad in a way as pregnancy should be enjoyable 

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