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Things I've Learned Since Being Pregnant.

I’ve been pregnant for 36 weeks now, which feels like a lifetime. But in this space of time, I’ve learnt a few important lessons which I’m going to share with you all in this post. This is my first pregnancy, so I still have a lot to learn.

It’s important to remember every pregnancy is different, so stop comparing yourself to others! As tempting as it is to compare bump pictures week-to-week and compare your symptoms – try not to! Every woman and her body is different. I personally had the tiniest bump up until just recently, it was so small a customer at work was so shocked when I told her I was pregnant at 26 weeks! Obviously it was a little annoying, and I did get envious of the other pregnant girls on my news feed with their lovely blossoming bumps. But, it didn’t make me any less pregnant. And remember, just because Dorris on Facebook felt her baby kicking at 13 weeks, that doesn’t mean you should be worried if you haven’t felt anything. Honestly, each body is different, and don’t listen to everything you read on Google!

Nobody has a clue, really. For real. I know ladies on their second and third pregnancy who still don’t know what they’re doing. It’s like, the main lesson to lead you into motherhood. You gotta learn to wing it! So honestly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It doesn’t make you a weaker person or less of a mother! There really are no stupid questions when it comes to pregnancy, and there’s always someone to ask. Your midwife, your family, workmates, friends. There’s some great support pages on Facebook you can join for help! So really, just ask! (Unless the question is to food of not to food. Always food.)

It’s okay to take a day off. You deserve it! It gets bloody tiring carrying this tiny baby inside of you all day every day, everywhere you go! It really does start to take its toll on you, so don’t be afraid to admit defeat every now and again. It doesn’t make you weak. Just take the day off. Run yourself that bubble bath you’ve been thinking of, use the lush bath bomb you’ve been hoarding in your cupboard, light some candles and have some well deserved ‘me time’. You’ve earned it!

Look after yourself. Please. Physically and mentally. You need all the positive energy you can get. Let all the negativity that’s weighing on your shoulders go. Gosh, if I let all the negative energy thrown at me affect me, God knows where I’d be right now! Positive vibes really are everything. You also need to learn your body’s boundaries before you hit breaking point. It’s definitely easier said than done, but it’s so important. I was killing myself with 40 hour working weeks, taking all the overtime I could get thinking it was the best thing for me to do. It was, financially, however physically it took its toll on me and I wasn’t looking after myself properly. I ended up crashing emotionally and physically, and my energy levels were so down. It made my mood swings so bad, god forbid a customer wanted to switch tables or change their bun option! Luckily I realised before it was too late, so I took maternity leave a little earlier to give myself time to relax and actually enjoy pregnancy.

Be selfish! My goodness, you’re growing a real life tiny baby inside of you! You deserve it! Don’t feel bad about taking the day to yourself. You’re the one who’s body is constantly growing and stretching in places you didn’t realise could. If you want to have a duvet day with your dog and finish a series of The Vampire Diaries in a day, I believe in you! You want to finish that whole tub of ice cream to yourself? You go girl! Be as selfish as you want, because when the little one comes, you wont always have time to.

Until next time, Laura Loveday xo

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