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What Photos Should I Take On My Baby's First Day?

If you’re close to having your baby you might be thinking about what photos you want to take when they’re born and on their first day.

Or maybe between packing your hospital bag, dealing with last trimester symptoms and pondering every twinge you haven't thought about it at all! 

You’ll really cherish those first day photos but it’s easy to forget to actually take them. And then you end up looking back wishing you’d captured that one special memory. So to help you out we’ve come up with top ten photos you’ll want to take on your baby's first day.

It’s a good idea to write them down too because you might be a littttllee bit tired after bringing a human into the world. That way you can get a partner, friend or family member to snap away. 


Something weird happens when we have kids. We vanish from all photos. That’s usually because we’re the ones taking them. So make sure on that first day someone snaps a pic of you. Yes, you might look like you’ve run a 10k in a strong headwind but you’ve also just done a glorious thing. Capture that moment.


You and your baby

We know it sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many mums don’t have one photo on the first day with their baby. It’s amazing if someone can snap those very early photos of first snuggles or skin to skin contact. And then once you’ve recovered a bit and your baby is all wrapped up, get another photo. 


Skin to skin 

Skin to skin contact with your baby evens out their heartbeat and breathing and stops crying. It’s one of the most beautiful bonding moments you can have. So whether it’s you, your partner or someone special to you holding your baby take a photo of that skin to skin moment. 


Family shot

Make sure someone takes a photo of your family with your new baby. You can include their brother or sister, your partner, grandparents - whoever makes up your family unit. 


Your partner and your baby 

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing your partner holding your baby so make sure you capture it. Because you’ve carried your baby this is their chance to start creating their own bond. 


When family meets 

You’ve probably got a line of people waiting to meet your new arrival. Have your camera ready to capture the emotions and reactions of friends, grandparents and siblings. 


The little details

Babies are a collection of incredibly cute features so snap away - from their first yawns and blinks, to wide-eyed stares, tiny hands and feet right down to their toes. 


And the name is… 

If you haven’t told anyone your baby’s name you can create a great photo. You can take a snap of their name card on their cot. Or have something made before to tell the world their name. 


First feed 

There’s something very special about the bond we create when we feed our babies. Whether you’re breast or bottle feeding take a photo to remember that close feeling. 


First outfit

Take a photo of them in their very first onesie and tiny hat. Or snap a pic when they’re swaddled in a blanket. 


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