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Your Pregnancy - Week 5

Missed a period and think you might be pregnant?

If you read our Week 1 pregnancy guide you’ll know that even if you’ve just found out you’re pregnant, this is classed as Week 5. 

If you haven’t tested already then get yourself a home pregnancy test, they’re around 99% accurate and it’s best to try first thing in the morning when you need a wee. There are tons of different pregnancy tests and you don’t have to choose the fancy expensive ones.  

What does my baby look like? 

You wouldn’t recognise what you see as a baby but their nervous system, brain and spinal cord start to grow. And about now their heart will take its first ever beat. Amazing eh? 

Urgh I feel sick

Definitely pregnant? Welcome to the wonderful and weird world of pregnancy symptoms. 

Every single pregnancy is different. You don’t need to worry if you have no symptoms or all these symptoms, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you or the baby. Most people who are preggers have some of these symptoms, they (mainly) fade after 12 weeks but some carry on until you give birth. 

  • Sore boobs
  • Feeling bloated 
  • Feeling sick, or morning sickness, although the barfy feeling can strike at any time
  • Puking - some people just feel sick, others have a full-on vomit fest
  • A strange metal taste in your mouth
  • Weird cravings
  • Being able to smell things from 50ft away (ok, maybe not quite that far)
  • Changes in your skin - more oily or drier and sometimes brown patches called chloasma
  • Needing a wee more
  • Tiredness and up and down moods
  • White discharge from your vagina 
  • Spotting, if you start to bleed heavily see your GP or Early Pregnancy Unit
  • Cramps, but don’t ignore bad pain as it can be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy 
  • And on the plus side, your hair might start to feel thicker and look shinier. 

What do I do now? 

Take a breath. It’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed and anxious, even if you really wanted to get pregnant. Once you’ve done your home pregnancy test, contact your GP, they’ll set up a booking in appointment with your midwife (sometimes at the hospital). You’ll go when you’re about 8-12 weeks to chat through your pregnancy and birth. They might want to do tests on your blood or pee. And you’ll also get an appointment for your first ultrasound scan, where they confirm your due date - usually around 8-14 weeks. 

You usually have two scans and 8-12 appointments during the 40 or so weeks you’re pregnant. 

Now you know you’ve got a baby in there it’s a good idea to cut out smoking, alcohol and caffeine. And don’t forget you’re growing a life so take care of yourself too with plenty of rest, gentle exercise and healthy food. 

Newly pregnant and want some help or support? Join us and over 70k mums in our Facebook support group who know exactly where you’ve been. 

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