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Your Pregnancy - Week 7

You’re probably bursting to tell the world that you’re pregnant.

And it can be hard to hide when you’re suddenly ordering orange juice instead of pinot and legging it to the toilet every half an hour. 

When you share the news is your decision. You might prefer to wait until after your first scan as most miscarriages happen in the first 12 weeks.

You don’t have to tell your boss you’re pregnant until 15 weeks before your baby’s due. But if your job’s dangerous or you’re really struggling with morning sickness you might want to let them know sooner. 

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What does my baby look like? 

In Week 6 your baby was the size of a baked bean. Just a week later that tiny little human is about 1cm. Everyone seems to be a bit obsessed with comparing unborn babies with fruit, so imagine you’ve got a tiny grape or blueberry floating around in there.  Other fruits are available. 

At this point, your baby has a massive head (don’t worry everything evens out) because their brain is growing quickly. The inside part of their ears starts to grow and as the limb buds get longer you can see the starting point of their hands.

Argh, my boobs!

You might be struggling to put your bra on in the morning as your boobs are just so damn sore. And you might find they’ve already gone up a size. You can thank your lovely hormones for that. The upside is your boobs are getting ready to be the ultimate baby feeding machine. 

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There are a few things you can try to get some relief. 

  • Try a new bra - go soft and comfy with wide straps (you’ll probably need to get new bras a couple of times when you’re preggers as your boobs go up a size or two, or three). 
  • Sleep in a bra - sports bras are handy for stopping them boinging around. 
  • Don’t touch - obviously you don’t walk around manhandling them, but if you wear a crossbody bag or tight-fitting clothes, try switching it up. 
  • Shower - turn the head down to a gentle setting and stick a flannel over each boob, the gentle flow can really help calm things down. 

The good news is the ouch tends to chill out after the first 12 weeks or so. 

What do I do now? 

If you haven’t got your first midwife appointment, give your GP a call. You get some bonuses being pregnant, one is free dental care (UK). Those pesky hormones can cause bleeding and sore gums so it’s a good idea to get a check-up now. 

Newly pregnant and want some help or support? Join us and over 70k mums in our Facebook support group who know exactly where you’ve been. 

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