by Bethany Collings

Last year the Baby Box Co launched their new range of boxes for babies to sleep in within the UK. The box, made of cardboard, also includes a mattress. Meaning it can be used as a bed for babies as an alternative to a bassinet.

An email, received by thousands of expecting parents, came as a shock.

This is because safety concerns had been raised by the company themselves. They are worried that the corners may be too sharp, potential limb entrapment, small risk of suffocation and the stability of the boxes.

The email sent by the baby box team said;

As child safety is the reason our company exists, we are constantly striving to ensure that our Baby Boxes are the safest that they can be, and as such we wanted to inform you that we have identified a number of safety risks concerning certain aspects of the Baby Box.

After a recent evaluation at a third-party testing facility, it was collectively determined that because there are slots/handle holds on the sides, the box was likely to be used as a carry cot which is not the intended or safe use of the baby box.”

Their concerns:

  • The handle holds, as the edges can be sharp.
  • A small risk that the laminate coating on the box being pulled off at the handle point which represents a suffocation hazard.
  • Potential limb entrapment from the handle holds.
  • The stability of the box.

The new changes:

  • An additional piece of material to make a stronger, heavier box.
  • A covering on both openings to completely eliminate any opening which is intended to further prevent using the baby box as a carrying cot. Please do not carry the box whilst your child is inside.
  • Updated instruction for use.

NOTICE : The Company recommend that you should NOT stop using your existing Baby Box, until you have received your new Baby Box or have an alternative safe sleeping space for you baby.

They also stated:

“We are aware of the claims The Lullaby Trust has made in the press regarding Baby Boxes, and while we greatly respect the work of The Lullaby Trust, we are deeply saddened by the spread of misinformation. We have been working hard to ensure that our consumers have the most up to date, safe Baby Boxes for their infants.

To clarify, there has been no complaint or injury with our products anywhere around the world, including the UK.  However, as child safety is our number one priority we of course want to ensure that our boxes continually meet and exceed all safety standards. The Baby Box Co. is committed to consumer transparency and appreciates your attention to this important message.

Prices start at £54.31 and finish at £174.60. The more you pay, the more items you receive in your Baby Box.

There will be additional safety instructions added to the new boxes. They have also asked that  if you own one, to check for any damage. If damage is found, to email their customer services to receive a free replacement box.

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