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Toddler Activity Ideas for a Rainy Day

It’s raining for the umpteenth day in a row and your cranky toddler is NOT amused.

Where’s a list of toddler activity ideas for a rainy day when you need it? Right here! We’ve pulled together a list of go to things to do when it’s tipping down outside. 

  1. Get those waterproofs on and get outside. You thought these were all going to be indoor ideas? Nah. Sometimes fresh air can be just what you need, so bundle up and splash in some puddles, run around the playground or explore your garden. 
  2. Kick a ball. We’re not suggesting chucking a rugby ball around is a good idea but small soft sponge balls or beach balls are great fun and help develop motor skills too. 
  3. Make a den. This classic never ages, blankets, sheets and a chair or table are a great way to create a space to cuddle up in. 
  4. Treasure hunt in the house. Write a few simple clues to guide your child round the house, with a prize at the end. And you can slip in some educational stuff (colours, shapes) all while they play. 
  5. Make songs physical. If you’ve ever gone to baby and mum sessions you’ve probably experienced the leaders turning the tunes into movements. And although you might feel a bit crackers doing it your toddler will love it. Try some actions for Row Your Boat, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes or Wheels on the Bus. 
  6. Dance it out. Does your toddler have favourite songs? Create a playlist along with some tunes guaranteed to get you on the dance floor. Crank up that volume and turn your front room into a disco (if you can stretch to it then invest in some simple plug in disco lights or a glitter ball). 
  7. If you’re struggling to keep play going then set up zones around the house and work your way round them. As your toddler gets bored move onto the next activity - colouring, lego, stacking bricks, bean bag throw, read a book. You can let your toddler direct where they go next. 
  8. Go old school. Simple board games or party games (musical statues, what time is it Mr Wolf, hide and seek) can help while away hours. 
  9. If you want to venture out then look for local museums with toddler friendly areas, check out what’s on at your local children’s centre and library.
  10. Reading. If you want to open up a hundred different worlds for your toddler then get them in books. You can find lots of free ebooks online and your local library is a great free resource. 

Don’t forget to leave space for your toddler to play on their own, you don’t have to fill every minute. This helps them use their imagination and develop some independence. And gives you at least 2 minutes to grab a cuppa! 

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