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8 Things No One Tells You About Being Pregnant

by Bump, Baby & You

8 Things No One Tells You About Being Pregnant

1. Cravings of weird stuff like metal and coal shavings on pizza are not that common. Cravings for ice cream and sleep and more ice cream are. I have no boundaries on the amount I will eat or if it is entirely appropriate to eat it for breakfast.

2. Weeks 36-40 feel longer than the rest of the pregnancy combined. I feel like I was conned… pregnancy is 10 months not 9. Month 10 has been approximately 187 days long so far… and counting.

3. At one point I became obsessed with comparing my bump to other peoples. Social media has unfortunately made this so damn easy and I pined to look like the insta models who at 8 months still had abs…. I did not have abs before and I will not have abs after so why I thought that I could have them during I do not know.

4. Gaviscon = life. And more expensive per ml than red wine, but totally worth it.

5. Pregnancy fashion is not a thing. If it fits, I wear it. Currently wearing Christmas knickers and loving it!

6. I could really laugh and joke about hellish labour stories that everyone loves to share. Riiiiight up to about 35 weeks at which point all of those hilarious stories became not so funny and a little too real. Cue melt down.

7. A mocktail is not the same as a cocktail. Let’s stop pretending it is. I want the warm fuzziness of alcohol… not a bad case of acid reflux and a sugar crash!

8. People are kind. Random people will look out for you, will help you and even offer the odd free coffee… something about seeing a round waddling lady approaching does bring out the best in people

Written by Harriet Kumari for her blog, This Hampshire Mum.

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