5 Tips For Encouraging Better Sleep

‘Is your baby sleeping through the night yet?’ no, no and no. A question that is asked so much.

There is no ‘right’ way to get your baby to sleep through the night. When your baby is ready to, and can go that long without waking for a feed, your baby will. They will do it all in their own time.

Nevertheless there is no harm in trying out a routine with your little one.


I love routine and I think it is 100% key, when it comes to bedtimes.

My baby is 6 weeks so I have not yet started a routine as I think she is still a little bit to young. Some people start routines from day 1 which is great! It helps you find your feet. I will start a routine in a couple of weeks.

Bedtime Environment

I try to keep a calm dark environment to let baby know it is now bedtime. A hectic environment is not ideal and if baby is still really young, she may not begin to distinguish the difference between day time naps and bedtime.


Although this one is fab for calming down baby before bed and letting them know it is now getting to bedtime, it is not necessary every night. Sometimes bathing can lead to a rushed bedtime, so a top an tail in a calm environment will do just fine.

Take Your Time

I try to take my time with the bedtimes and not rush them too much. This goes for my toddler as well. It not only makes them feel rushed it makes me get into a fluster if I am rushing it along.

Daytime Sleep

Some people think that if baby sleeps in the day they won’t sleep well at night. Sleep breeds sleep and an overtired babe is no fun! They are harder to settle and will find it harder to fall into a deep sleep.

Remember different things work well for different people. One thing that works well for someone, may not work well for you. Try getting into a routine and try different things till you find what works best for you.