Kid’s Slushie Recipe

Is your child a huge fan of slushies, but perhaps you’re not as much of a fan of sugar? You need to see this!

This mango and coconut slushie made by Johanna over at Feeding_Three is so delicious and way healthier. It will hit the spot for kiddies with a sweet tooth thanks to the natural sugars, as opposed to the refined sugars in a slushy you can buy at the cinema or takeaway.

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M A N G O • & • C O C O N U T • S L U S H I E • Oh wow how hot is it today! My phone is saying highs of 37° that’s some serious heat. . The boys are napping (in just their nappies) So Grace and I made some Mango and coconut slushies to cool down! . Ingredients •1 frozen mango •2tbsp Desiccated coconut •2tbsp coconut milk •1tsp vanilla •1/2 cup ice . Method Blend all ingredients together! Serve. Enjoy! . You have no idea how much of a struggle it was to get this picture of Grace! She had no arm strength to hold it up 🙄. We had to go with this photo before the thing melted to a juice 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ P.s it’s a fake smile followed by a “Take the picture yourself”. Don’t be fooled. . How are your kiddies coping in this heat? We are going to build a fan tent later and play with some buried toys in ice! Check my stories if you’d like to see! ❤️ . #cooldown #slushies #whatmykidseat #keepingcool #toohot #recipes #summerrecipes #sunsout #tasty #eat #instafood #foodforkids #snack #snackideas #morningsnack #schoolholidays #healthykids #healthyfood #heathlyrecipes #delishious

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