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When Should I Put Up My Christmas Tree?

by Bethany Collings

When Should I Put Up My Christmas Tree?

Christmas holds a different kind of magic for each person or family. Some are too eager to wait, whereas others aren’t too fussed on the value a Christmas Tree holds. Now this isn’t to say either parties or right or wrong, because there is no wrong. Everyone enjoys this month in their own way – and that’s fab!

We asked our support group when they put up their Christmas Tree and we were blown away with responses! 

Out of 200 comments, we found that:

15.5%.. put their tree up before the 1st December

30%.. put their tree up on the 1st December

24%.. put their tree up the first weekend of December

15%.. put their tree up anytime after the first weekend of December

**Our statistics are based on what our members usually do, this doesn’t include the fact 1st December falls on a Sunday. We also found many whom put up their tree after the first weekend of December did ‘12 Days of Christmas’ so erected theirs 12 days prior to Christmas Day.**

When do you get your tree down from the loft and put it up? Or do you purchase yours? 

Love from Bethany and Team BBY. Xx


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