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The Top Baby Names of 2023

Due a 2023 baby? Congratulations! Have you picked a name yet?

We've been wondering what 2023 will bring us in terms of baby names; what's hot, what's not. We've been doing some digging and found this list of predictions for the most popular baby names of 2023! Vitabiotics have analysed government data taken over the years, taking note of patterns, trends, 'extinct' names and whether they could experience a resurgence of popularity.

Top Baby Girl Names of 2023


Looking into girls' names, Vitabiotics worked out the rank increase of over 100 names between 2010 to 2022 to figure out which girls' names have potential to be popular in 2023; celebrity baby names have a huge influence over trends, with a whopping 14 out of 20 names were found to have had inspiration from 'TV, film, and celebrity culture'. Examples are Harper (Harper Beckham) and Luna (Luna, daughter of John Legend and Chrissy Teigan) - Vitabiotics have Harper placed second in the 2023 rankings for girl names, and Luna third!

They also determined that nature-inspired names have become more and more popular with each passing year. Vitabiotics have predicted that Ivy will be the top name for baby girls of 2023!

Top Baby Boy Names of 2023


Next, Vitabiotics analysed the boys' names, and determined which would likely be popular in 2023. The results showed that Theodore, Tommy, Arlo, Roman and Teddy are potentially the most trendy baby boy names of 2023!

Adding to what we previously mentioned about celebrity culture influencing how people name their babies, it's worth noting that both Tommy and Teddy are the names of recent contestants from the super popular dating TV show, Love Island; pro boxer Tommy Fury starred on the show in 2019, and Teddy Soares appeared on the show during the summer of 2021, with fans loving him.

Baby Names Going 'Extinct'

Finally, Vitabiotics looked at which the LEAST popular baby names would be in 2023, and which could potentially go extinct. To do this, they found girls and boys names that were given to only three babies each in the year 2020, going by UK government records. The results were...

Least popular girls names;

1. Averly

2. Brydie

3. Carolyn

4. Cecile

5. Cheryl

6. Cheyanne

7. Christie

8. Collette

9. Debra

10. Delphina

11. Evaleigh

12. Flossie

13. Georgette

14. Gladys

15. Hally

16. Harpreet

17. Jackie

18. Jules

19. Julianne

20. Junie

21. Justina

22. Kenzi

23. Lilliah

24. Loxley

25. Luanna

26. Meryl

27. Norina

28. Olivine

29. Paignton

30. Peggie

31. Perl

32. Pixi

33. Ryley

34. Sharlene

35. Shelly/Shelley

36. Shyanne

37. Sigrid

38. Tammy

39. Teigen

40. Tessie

Least Popular Boys Names

1. Alexandro

2. Billie

3. Brad

4. Braydan

5. Brent

6. Chandler

7. Darnell

8. Drake

9. Edmond

20. Elbert

11. Elija

12. Finch

13. Finneas

14. Fitzgerald

15. Frazier

16. Greg

17. Harrie

18. Izac

19. Jamiel

20. Kegan

21. Kennie

22. Kristopher

23. Lamar

24. Larenzo

25. Neville

26. Nial

27. Phillipp

28. Raymon/Ramon

29. Remie

30. Rhiley

31. Rhuben.Reuban

32. Roderick

33. Stevie

34. Stone

35. Tyreese

36. Walt

37. Wes

38. Wiley

39. Yusif

40. Zachery

Amongst some of the more 'old fashioned' names falling out of favour, we spotted some more 'modern' names that appeared in the unpopular list such as Evaleigh, Zachery and Elija  - Vitabiotics surmised that the spelling variations could be the reason and that the original name these names are derived from are still popular and well known.

Want to go against the grain when naming your baby and ensure they're the ONLY child with their name at school when they start in 2027/2028 (eeeek, doesn't time fly)? Definitely consider a name at risk of extinction!

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