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Tinder For Baby Names is a Game Changer

Stuck for a baby name for your incoming bundle of joy…? ‘Kinder’ has you covered!

If you’re anything like myself and other mummies we’ve chatted to, chances are you’ve spent hours poring over baby name websites, reading baby name books, compiling lists of potential names only to delete and start all over again because none of them feel like ‘the one’. This name choosing malarkey is hard work, and that’s understandable as the moniker we choose is your baby’s for LIFE. It’s such an important decision!

Pronounced ‘Kin-der’ (like Tinder with a K), this app is basically the Tinder for baby names, and it is a total game changer!

I’ve downloaded the app to have a play and take a look at how it works… It’s free, which is brilliant. You may notice that it’s only rated 3 stars on the Google Play store but this was because of a previous app issue which has been fixed by the developers, and I’ve certainly had no issues so swipe away.

It’s a really great way to find baby names at the touch of a button, and it’s so much more fun than sitting with piles of books or web pages with your partner if you choose to register them with the app. It’s convenient because you can both search for names without being in the same place too

1. Step One: Download App
This is available on Apple and the Google Play store. Here’s a screenshot to help you find the right app!

Step Two
Input baby’s surname and gender (or leave as unknown if you don’t know) I put in unknown as I’m not pregnant (yet)

Step Three
Register your partner if you want. I didn’t register my partner as he’s at work, but if you want to, it’s a simple process and means you can search for baby names together.

Step Four
Sit back and swipe left for no, and right for yes! You can visit your settings to view your liked names after a swiping session.


Voila, our first name suggestion. I sat for a few minutes and had a pretty even amount of boy and girl name suggestions. The only downside is that I didn’t spot any gender neutral suggestions, which may be problematic for couples wanting a neutral name.

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