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Woman Makes Fortune Selling Breastmilk To Bodybuilders

A breastfeeding mum has coined in a whopping £4500 in 7 months by selling her surplus breast milk to body builders and fetishists!

Yup, you read that correctly. £4500!

24 year-old Rafaela Lamprou, who gave birth to Anjelo 7 months ago, has such a bountiful supply that she started to donate her stash to friends who were struggling to breastfeed as she was running out of room in her freezer.


Picture: Caters News Agency. Source: Caters News Agency.

With time, body builders and fetishists started to approach her, offering cash for her milk! Breastmilk is thought to help build muscle mass and repair muscles after a hardcore workout, plus it is super nutritious, hence the popularity. She charges 1 Euro (89p) per ounce for male buyers.

She also undergoes testing to prove that she doesn’t smoke or drink.

As for the fetishists… I won’t try to rationalise that, let’s leave that to the imagination!

Just look at this stash in her chest freezer – I can see why she wants to make space!


Picture: Caters News Agency. Source: Caters News Agency.

There really is a market for everything these days!

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