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by Sophie Hughes

PGP Got The Better Of Me

I’ve had a relatively smooth pregnancy, bar the morning sickness to begin with (ugh, that sickness!) until recently.

For the last 6 weeks I’ve been getting bad back ache and stabbing pains in groin and hip when walking, especially up and down stairs, getting in and out of a chair and rolling over in bed. The midwife confirmed what trusty old Google had told me, it is Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP).

So what can you do for PGP? It turns out, not much really! The midwife did refer me for physio where they showed me some exercises to practice, showed me a maternity belt get to walk in (the most unattractive accessory you have ever seen) and

Maternity belt signed me up for hydrotherapy. But, the main message was, this won’t really stop until you give birth and will get worse as baby gets bigger, yay…!

The big problem came in the last couple of weeks though, the pain got drastically worse. I would hobble to the stairs in work and then stand there staring at them, cursing myself for needing a wee so many times a day. Then there were the days where I would get home and Mr C would find me on the sofa, still in uniform waiting for him to come home and go upstairs to get me a change of clothes as I just couldn’t stomach the stairs again, or moving round the house at all.

That’s when I gave in. I was so determined to make it to my proposed leave date of 37 weeks, but I ended up having to give in at 33. I was kicking myself, but I couldn’t face pain all day every day anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not tainted my pregnancy. Every time our little girl wiggles around it reminds me that the pain is worth it and I still love having my bump! It’s more a frustration of failure, especially with two other ladies in my office pregnant and being told multiple times ‘so and so’s doing really well, she’s had no problems and is flying round the office’s well thanks, that makes me feel loads better… P.s don’t be the person that tells a struggling pregnant woman that!

Anyway, so now I’ve finished work ready for baby and feeling ten times better as long as I don’t sit up in a hard chair for too long. I’ve even picked up my walking pace a little on a good pain day (oh, the little wins we have in pregnancy!).

So now, what to do with 7 weeks at home just me and Buddy the dog?!


Written by Sophie Hughes for her blog, My Bump and Beyond.

Follow her on Instagram here.

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Bump and Beyond is a blog and instagram account set up to talk openly and honestly about my personal pregnancy journey and into the reality of having a newborn. Hopefully it can provide some light hearted and relatable reading for other parents and parents to be.
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