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by AaronWit AaronWit

Things I'll Do Different This Time Round

Obviously I’m no expert and I aren’t claiming to be. But this is just a round up of what I’m going to do differently with my new baby after learning with Ava-Mae.

Although I do think every baby is different, and what works for one, will probably not work for the other but here we go…

1. Get a routine. I never really got Ava into a set routine, and we paid for it later one. Thankfully she’s in a good little routine now but it took a long time, lots of long tiring nights and uncertain days. She was my first and I was lucky enough I didn’t have to return to work so to be honest a routine never even crossed my mind. But I’m going to need one with my second, I’m hoping they’ll just fit in with what Ava is already doing, but I think from around the 2 month mark, I will try to form a not so strict routine.

2. Breastfeed more in public. Don’t get me wrong if need be I did feed in public with Ava, but I always felt self-conscious, I don’t know why. I’d always go sit in the car if possible or out of sight when I should have just not cared, and I wish I didn’t. Having Ava has taught me not to be embarrassed and care so much what other think though, you kind of learn not too when you’ve experienced public tantrums, poo explosions, being covered in food/sick, or whatever else your your baby decides to do.

3. Not wish any time away. I never ‘wished’ time away with Ava, but I found myself thinking, ‘it’ll be easier once she can do this’ or ‘I wish she could do that.’ But now Ava is grown up and very independent, I pine for the days she’d just sit and cuddle all day.

4. Accept more help. With Ava I rarely let others help as much as they wanted and offered. The amount of times my mum offered to have her so I could lie in and I refused, it would have done me the world of good every now and then.

5. Worry less about the house. I spent a lot of time cleaning when Ava was a newborn, when I could have been resting or cuddling her. The house will be a lot messier this time round with a toddler but I’m going to try to let it go, for a while at least.

6. Use a baby carrier more. A bit of a strange one but I didn’t really use our carrier much with Ava. I used it when going on the odd walk but so many people said they’re a great way to get things done when your newborn is being clingy. Goes against my previous point but I can’t totally let the house go can I?! Haha..

7. Try to feel less guilty for things. I guess you can’t really help mum guilt but I’ve come to realise that I did my very best when Ava was a newborn, and still do now. But I always felt guilty if we didn’t do something everyday for example, or when I started giving her a bottle of formula milk. I did what was best for us all at that time and you shouldn’t feel guilty for that.

I’m going to end it there, although there are a hundred more things I’d do differently, they’re just daft little things. I’d love to hear what you’re planning on doing differently, or what you did different the second time around…

Love Lucy x

Written by Lucy Mitchell for her blog, Love Lucy Jane.

Instagram: @lucyjmitchell

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