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Tips for Stress-Free Swimming With Your Baby!

by Yvette Embleton

Here’s our guide to stress-free swimming with your baby.


Taking your baby swimming can be one of the most enjoyable bonding experiences but if you aren’t prepared it can turn into a screamfest for both you and the little one. Here’s our guide to stress-free swimming with your baby.

Stress-Free Swimming with Baby Checklist

Ensure you give yourself the best possible chance of having a fun time swimming with your little one.

  • Give yourself plenty of time! – Leave yourself plenty of time to get changed before and after, trying to get anywhere fast will just pile on the pressure.
  • Is your baby well? – If they are feeling under the weather, it’s best to wait until they are on top form.
  • Ensure they aren’t too tired – Aim to go swimming just after a nap so they are full of energy.
  • Swimming Nappy and/or Neoprene Nappy – Check the rules of your swimming pool as to what they want babies to wear. Some pools ask for babies to wear both.
  • A swimsuit  – Pop this over the top of their swimming nappy. The warmer you can keep them, the more enjoyable they’ll find it.
  • A hooded towel – Baby’s lose body heat very quickly so make sure you have a towel ready to keep them snuggly. Hooded towels are perfect for getting changed after swimming.
  • Take Baby’s usual baby wash/ shampoo – If you want to give them a shower afterwards, take their usual products, especially if your little one has sensitive skin.
  • A coin/token for the locker – Don’t go through all that effort of getting changed to discover the lockers only accept the old £1 coins. Doh! Call ahead and ask if you’re unsure.
  • A reusable bag – Perfect for wet costumes!
  • A snack for afterwards. – This is to keep them entertained while your get yourself changed and will also help fill their tummies. Splashing around can really work up an appetite.
  • Pack your things! – It can be so easy to stress about the little one that you totally forget the things you need.


If you’re planning a trip to your local pool, you’ll find everything you need right here:

Huggies® Little Swimmers Size 2-3 (3Kg-8Kg) – 12 Pants

You can’t go wrong with these! They have a wonderful pattern on too which helps you find the front and back.

Credit: Huggies*

Find yours here*

LifeStyleMall Baby Swim Nappy Reusable Neoprene

These really do keep it all in! Most swimming pools prefer you to pop one of these over the top of a disposable swimming nappy as a last line of defence. It’s worth checking with your local pool.

Credit: LifeStyleMall*

Find yours here*

Swimbest Baby Wetsuit – Lime/Blue

These wetsuits are perfect for wriggly tots. You lay them in it and fasten it around them using velcro. No dramas!

Credit: Swimbest*

Find yours here*

Splash About Baby Warm in One Wetsuit 

These are wonderful for keeping little ones warm and happy. Not to mention they’ll look adorable! There are so many different designs to choose from.

Credit: Slash About*

Find yours here*

Bestway Baby Swim Safe Seat

If you don’t feel confident about holding your baby in the water all of the time then something like this is perfect. You could even push them along while you get a few lengths in – bliss!

Credit: Bestway*

Find yours here*

Zoggs Kids Seal Flips Pool Water Toy

Teaching the little one to reach out and grab these toys helps them learn the basics of swimming, it’s also really fun.

Credit: Zoggs*

Find yours here*

Swimming Pool Toys Gift Set

Take one of these along with you so you can play with your little one. Trickle the water over their hands, feet or head or even sing songs about the rain.

Credit: DEMEDO*

Find yours here*

We hope you have a wonderful time enjoying the water with your little one. Let us know about it in the comments below.


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