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Mum Shares Heartbreaking Park Party Situation

Birthday party etiquette is something we tend to introduce our kids to at a fairly young age.

Don't blow out the candles! Leave the presents alone. Always say please and thank you. Kind hands. No running out of the party where we can't see you. However, this situation is slightly more complex and we've no idea how we'd handle it!

TikToker Kat Stickler shared her frustration with her 10 million followers whilst explaining a situation at the park, where she went with her 3-year-old. Her little one inadvertently crashed a birthday party and sparked a very awkward - and upsetting - scenario around the birthday cake.

“I’m going to mom shame. The only people I’ve ever mom-shamed are myself and my own mother. Am I entitled, or was this messed up? MK and I were at the park in my neighborhood. It was us and this birthday group. They’re making friends. It was nice. It was actually very cute.

It was all going really well - until it was time for the birthday cake! 

"MK goes over. She’s one of the group right now. They’re welcoming her with open arms."

Or so mum thought. An adult by the sandbox clearly wasn't impressed. MK went with her new friends, wanting to eat a slice of cake...

“Of course it’s OK. It’s a massive cake. There’s lots of leftover pieces. The mother takes the plate away from MK and gets down to her level and says, ‘You cannot eat this cake, OK? This is not your birthday party. These are not your friends. Where’s your mother?’"

At this point, the video ends, and we're just stunned by what we have just heard. Of course, little MK was distressed and it's obvious that her mum is to, to the point that she's had to vent about this situation on her TikTok.


No cake for me thanks, I’m full…of rage👹

♬ original sound - Kat

What was the general consensus in the comments?

The overall consensus from reading the comments on TikTok is that the other mother was very harsh in her response. If this were an older child, and if the child was acting in a spoiled and entitled manner, demanding cake - maybe the response would have been more justified. One of the top rated comments said;

"The only appropriate response is, “run and ask your mom if you’re allowed to have cake”. Reengages the parent & gives you a second to count the slices."

The most highly rated comment said;

"These aren’t your friends.” Who says that to a child?! We can allllll be friends! I would make sure it was okay w you first, but I’d absolutely.."

Our verdict?

What a rude, petty woman to take cake away from a toddler who had befriended her group in a public place! If there had only been enough for their party, we'd understand a kind and empathetic explanation and word with mum, but there was plenty left, and the way that the little girl was spoken to was horrendous. The little one wasn't deliberately breaking any etiquette or acting entitled to a slice of cake - she's an innocent little girl, and the children had embraced her as part of their fun, so what on earth was the problem?

Perhaps mum shouldn't have assumed it was ok for her daughter to have a slice and should have encouraged her to come back over, in the hope that the other adults offered a slice, but either way - we'd be mortified.

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