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RECALL ALERT: Lidl Paw Patrol Snacks

Lidl shoppers, here's a recall alert that you need to be made aware of.

If you use Lidl for your grocery shopping and have small children, you should give this information a good read and share with anyone else you know who may have purchased the same product.

What product has been recalled at Lidl?

Lidl’s recall notice includes several Paw Patrol snack products, including Paw Patrol All Butter Mini Biscotti Biscuits and Paw Patrol Choc Chip Mini Biscotti Biscuits, both in packs of five. Paw Patrol Yummy Bake Bars in Raspberry and Apple Flavours are also included in the recall, and are also sold in packs of five.

Why have these products been recalled?

The reason for the recall has left parents confused as there's not actually anything wrong with the food itself - it's the fact that a URL on the packaging does not lead to the correct website, but to a pornographic website, which is of course serious and concerning for parents who may have tech-savvy children.

This is certainly a recall reason that we've never come across before at Bump, Baby & You - we're putting our money on a disgruntled former employee taking liberties with the packaging software, but that's just our theory. Regardless, it's certainly not something you'd want your children to access if they're savvy enough to type in a URL into an internet accessing device! How awkward.

What batch numbers are affected?

No batch numbers have been disclosed so we are taking this recall to mean that all of these products are being recalled for safety, rather than specific batches.

What should I do if I have this product?

Lidl ask that you return it to your nearest store for a full refund, and of course, they also advise that you don't use the dodgy URL. Some parents have suggested decanting the products into tupperware and putting the questionable wrappers in the bin to avoid a trip down to Lidl, but it is up to you.

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