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AITA: Called Sister Selfish For Announcing Her Pregnancy At Parents House

Infertility is a heartbreaking thing to go through, and hearing about someone elses pregnancy can cause you to be triggered.

It's completely understandable that someone elses pregnancy can stir up a lot of feelings inside of you, when you are unable to have your own child. One woman took to Reddit's AITA (Am I The Asshole?) board after her sister announced her pregnancy infront of family, leaving herself and her husband upset.

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"AITA for calling my sister selfish for announcing her pregnancy at our parents house?

My husband and I have been having a long struggle with infertility. We have been getting treated and trying for a baby since 2017. But nothing worked! My husband is understandably devastated as he'd always wanted kids but never got the chance to be a father.

He's super sensitive aroubd the infertility topic. This my family knows. Days ago, we got together with family for dinner. All of a sudden, my sister and her husband announced that they were expecting. We were stunned, me and my husband I mean. As for the others they were thrilled. As everyone got up to congratulate them. My husband got up, pushed his chair to the side and walked out. They all stared at me but I got up and told my sister she messed up by announcing her pregnancy like this and with 0 consideration for my husband knowing how he feels about this topic. She got defensive saying his "issues" with the topic wasn't her problem and that she and her husband were fed up walking on eggshells around him. I called her selfish and cruel but she complained that he ruined their joy and that I made it worse by making a scene. I told her she shoukdn't have chose my parents house but she said I have no place to dictate what she does in our parents house. My mom asked me to go home and I went.

It's been horrible. My parents think I've reacted poorly and should apologize to my sister on both mine and my husband's behalf after the scene we made at their home"

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What was the general consensus?

 The poster was voted YTA (You're The Asshole) overall. One comment said:


I am sorry for your infertility issues. However, you don't get to take happiness away from other people because of it.

Where were they supposed to announce the pregnancy? Or were they just supposed to keep it a secret? And what happens when the baby shows up? Will them bringing the baby around be "rubbing it in your face" too?"

While another comment said:

"Very much YTA

This is not about you or your husband. Your sister is also her HER parents' house and wanted to share their good news. They don't owe you anything and it's unfair or you or your husband to expect to lessen themselves because of your struggles. They have every right to be excited and share that with the family."

Our Verdict...

While infertility issues is a heartbreaking thing to go through, it's to be expected that other people close to you will eventually get pregnant. Sharing the news of your first pregnancy with all your family round you at once is usually the ideal time to tell them, which the poster did ruin for her sister. No-one has a right to take someones excitement away from them, no matter what your struggles have been.

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