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AITA: Sister Stole My Lost Baby's Things

Losing a baby is up there in the list of painful and traumatic experiences, without a doubt.

One Reddit user has shared her heart-breaking baby loss story; she went into premature labour at 5 months gestation, with her little girl passing away in her arms shortly after. For comfort, the bereaved mum wanted to keep all of the baby items that she'd already purchased for her baby girl, which we know many of you will relate to.

Soon after, her sister announced that she was pregnant but due to Covid, finances had become tight; not ideal with a baby on the way! This led to to the poster being asked to 'donate' the baby things she had kept after the loss of her daughter, a request that was politely declined. However, things took a nasty turn... read the full post below.


Read the full thread here - credit to Reddit.

What was the general consensus?

This post on the Reddit AITA (Am I The Asshole) board definitely exploded! Other Reddit users jumped straight on to vent their fury and devastation for the poster, agreeing that her sister's actions were wholly inexcusable, insensitive and criminal in nature meaning that the call to the police was totally justified. It doesn't matter if it's your sister stealing from you - theft is theft. The back story to the theft just makes the situation even more atrocious. The top comment was...

"If I've said it once, I've said it a billion times on this sub:

If she can not afford the basic necessities for a child, like a bassinet, clothes, toys etc, then she should not be having a baby.

I am so sick of people thinking they are entitled to others things because they aren't using them or they feel they need them more.

Your sister and parents are all assholes. Your sister doesn't need the stress? Then she shouldn't be having a baby she and her partner can't afford or be a thief. You are grieving, you don't need the stress of having your babies stuff that brings you comfort taken away.

Million x NTA

I am sorry for your loss."

Other comments responding to the above disagreed that it's always a case of 'don't have children if you cannot afford them' - sometimes, our financial situations can change suddenly, leaving us in a quandary when affordability hadn't previously been an issue. However, it was conceded that in these situations, there are charities, churches and other organisations that can provide welfare and support. It still doesn't justify theft, especially not from a grieving mother, and what if she'd wanted to use those baby things for a future rainbow baby?

Our verdict...

We're 100% with the consensus that the poster is NTA (not the asshole), and we'd be just as heartbroken; in her time of need, not only has her sister stolen from her, she's stolen a huge source of comfort, and broken her trust. After going through such trauma, we rely upon our loved ones for support and due to the actions of her sister, she now has a divided family unit and a partner who doesn't want them to ever resume contact. It's just more stress that she doesn't need, and as much as we empathise with her pregnant sister and her poor financial situation, there's no way that this ever could be or SHOULD be justified.

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