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Our Favourite New Years Resolutions For Mums...

Can you believe that 2021 is almost over?! We bloomin’ well can’t.

With the end of 2021 comes the start of a brand new year, and all the possibilities of New Years Resolutions. Many parents decide to make a resolution (or more than one) to help start the new year on the right foot and with the best intentions – whether we stick to our resolutions or not is a whole other story, but it’s good to try, right?

Choosing a New Years Resolution

When thinking of your resolutions, it can be really helpful to consider the following so that you can get the most out of them…

  • Will my resolution benefit me?
  • Will my resolution benefit my others?
  • Is my resolution financially viable?
  • Is my resolution sustainable?
  • Is my resolution realistic?
  • Is my resolution safe/healthy?

These all sound pretty common sense, right? You’d be surprised how many of us have dreamt up pie-in-the-sky resolutions that have either cost us a fortune, or flopped at the first hurdle simply because they’re about as realistic as wishing to find a unicorn. There’s nothing wrong with being realistic – you can still set yourself brilliant goals!

After the difficult two years we've all had with the Covid-19 pandemic, you couldn't be blamed for picking resolutions that make you feel good and excited too, rather than goals that you have to work hard for.

We asked the parents over in our online community to share what their New Years Resolutions with us…

The parents in our online Facebook group shared their resolutions with us on a poll; here are the most popular suggestions! They’re all very realistic, we think, and we hope that everyone is able to achieve their goals in 2022. We also hope that this helps you to decide on your own resolutions for 2022.

  • To get back on my feet after being made redundant due to the pandemic
  • Taking my family abroad for the first time in two years will be my resolution - we deserve a break after a rough time with Covid-19
  • Enjoying any and all foods without feeling guilty and full of dread over the calories is my ultimate goal for 2022... bring on the chocolate!
  • I want to get into a better mental health state as my anxiety has been really bad
  • Own my own house, we've been saving for a deposit
  • I want to set up my own business crafting personalised gifts
  • To get healthier
  • To pass my driving test
  • To get pregnant after years of trying
  • I want to try and save money
  • To swear less
  • To find a new hobby
  • To live a drama-free life
  • To worry less
  • To try and go vegan
  • To be the best person I can be
  • To get on top of the housework
  • To finish decorating my house after years of half-finished jobs
  • To find a ‘new look’ for myself

Our absolute favourite resolution was sent in by Hayley Anne Lyall...

"To spend more time finding myself outside of being a mum! I love my daughter more than life itself but I've lost sight of who I am as an individual."

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