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Your Pregnancy - Week 10

You’re almost at the end of your first trimester.

If you’re wondering what one of those is, all it means is your pregnancy is divided up into three parts (trimesters). The first one ends at 12 weeks and (hopefully) after the hormone peak of Week 9 your body is adjusting a bit. If a few people know you’re pregnant now can be the time when you start to get “helpful” advice. 

Your mate Jane wants to tell you how she stopped feeling sick dot on 12 weeks. But then your other friend Leanne confesses she never stopped feeling sick and her face blew up like a balloon! These comments are about as helpful as a chocolate fireguard and can be really scary. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, every pregnancy is different. You might sail through it, you might have a bit of a bumpy time. And no one can predict how yours will go. 

What does my baby look like? 

Your baby is about 3cm long now. And if we’re still doing those fruit comparisons that’s about the size of a huge grape. You might have your first scan this week, you’ll see your baby moving around. Although you can’t see the detail, their face takes shape with little lips and nostrils appearing. Their eyes are still slightly closed but they respond to light, they can’t hear but have the start of ears. And their tiny heart is going like crazy, around 185 beats every minute. 

I can’t do my trousers up...

Suddenly can’t get into any of your clothes? That’s because even though your baby is a teeny grape, your uterus is more like a juicy orange. And if getting your favourite jeans on already involves breathing in, it might be time to retire them for a few months. 

If you tend to bloat around your periods then you might find something similar happening. Your body is a progesterone factory right now and this relaxes your muscles. That’s dead useful for expanding your uterus but also affects all the other parts of your body. And that means bloating. Oh yeah, and farting and burping. It can be hard keeping it classy when you’re pregnant. 

Need some hacks so you don’t have to replace your entire wardrobe this week? 

(video hacks for early pregnancy clothes - bobble on jeans, belly band, bra extender, tailor your jeans, layer tops, borrow from friends)

Newly pregnant and want some help or support? Join us and over 70k mums in our Facebook support group who know exactly where you are. 

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