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Your Pregnancy - Week 11

You’re almost there, the end of trimester number one.

You’ve been through a funny old few weeks, your body and baby are changing faster than at any other point during your pregnancy. 

It’s hard not to get down if you feel tired, sick and achy but growing your baby takes an incredible amount of energy. And in a matter of weeks you’ll have that tiny human in your arms. 

What does my baby look like? 

This week we’ll mix it up a bit, instead of fruit imagine your baby is a sprout (pregnancy can make you fart a lot). They’re now about 4cm with nerves and organs, like the kidneys, growing at lightning speed. 

Your baby starts to form miniature muscles, so they can move their arms and legs. And you're so close to being able to tell if you’re having a boy or girl. You can bet everyone around you will want to predict what you’re having and there’s something called nub theory. 

Apparently, if you’re an expert at reading ultrasounds and can identify the angle of their genital tubercle (the nub between their legs that will form into their genitals) in relation to their spine you can (maybe) tell if you’re having a boy or girl. But we suggest you just sit back and enjoy listening to their heartbeat. You should be able to tell their sex at the 20-week scan. 

Er, the scales say what? 

Last week we shared some top tips on adapting your wardrobe as you grow a little. Most people gain less than 1kg in their first 12 weeks but it’s not unusual for you to lose weight, gain nothing or expand more than you’d planned. Even if you’ve struggled to eat, your baby very cleverly takes what it needs from you. If you’re worried about how much weight you’ve gained then chat to your midwife as they can help you to make healthy food choices. 

On top of a balanced diet, it’s a good idea to take a pregnancy vitamin but you can stop taking folic acid now.

Have you downloaded the Bump, Baby & You app yet?

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