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Your Pregnancy - Week 13

This is the first week of your second trimester, that’s the middle part of your pregnancy. 

Moving on from Week 12 you might be feeling a bit more energetic, less pukey and more like yourself. But don’t worry if you’re still struggling with first trimester niggles as it can take a few more weeks to settle down. 

Once the first trimester’s out of the way maybe you're thinking about buying some baby things. Whether you're already busy shopping or want to wait a bit, now’s a good time to write down what you’ll need for your baby.  

What does my baby look like?

Do you have any odd cravings? Like sweet and savoury together? Well, this week your baby is about 7cm, the size of a peach and weighs in at a tiny 25g, roughly the weight of a slice of cheese. 

Your peach/cheese combo baby can now ball up their hands into fists. And all sorts of groovy things are happening in their digestive system, their stomach can now make the juices they need to digest food. And the intestines that were hanging about in your umbilical cord now move back into your baby’s stomach. 

Going to the loo more? Your baby joins in on the act this week when their kidneys start making wee (urine). And their bone marrow is creating white blood cells that help protect them against germs. 

Why don’t I have a bump yet? 

If you don't yet have a baby belly at 13 weeks, don't worry. Mums pop at different times and you’ll probably carry differently in every pregnancy. But this week can be when the first sign of an actual bump appears because your uterus starts to peek out over your pelvis. Depending on your body shape you might be able to feel it too. 

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