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Your Pregnancy - Week 14

You’re now a couple of weeks into your second trimester.

After Week 13 you’re probably feeling the best you have in a while and some people call this part of your pregnancy the honeymoon phase.

Not exactly rampant sex and champagne on the beach but you’ll notice you have more energy and your appetite usually comes back. 

We know those cravings are real but if you can go for a healthy, balanced diet rather than munching your way through 16 bags of pickled onion Monster Munch. 

What does my baby look like?

You’ve got a lemon floating around in there now. Your baby is about 8cm with a more recognisable face. Their ears are more, well, ear-shaped, and they have nostrils, plus a tongue and palate. And for cuteness factor, they finally get tiny hair follicles on the top of their head plus peach-fuzz like hair called lanugo all over their body. 

Until this week all babies grow at about the same pace. But now they get all independent and grow at their own rate. Your midwife will want to keep an eye on that so she’ll measure your stomach at your appointments. 

Do babies really swallow their own wee? 

Sort of. Your baby floats around in amniotic fluid inside your uterus. At the start of your pregnancy your amniotic fluid is mainly water. Then around Week 13 your baby starts to wee and this mixes into the amniotic fluid. It might sound gross but doesn’t do your baby any harm and in fact has all the nutrients, hormones, and antibodies they need. 

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