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Your Pregnancy - Week 2

If you read Week 1 of our pregnancy countdown you’ll know you’re not pregnant. Yet. 

But week 2 is when all the exciting, sciency stuff happens. There’s a positive party happening in your ovaries. Your egg is about ready to take a little dance down your fallopian tubes and the lining of your uterus is getting thicker too. 

There’s this idea floating around that you have to have sex the minute you ovulate (release the egg). You don’t. Those eggs are clever things and hang around for 12 to 24 hours. Plus sperm can live for up to five days. That’s why we sometimes get pregnant when we don’t mean to!  

How do I know if I’m ovulating? 

If you’re trying to get pregnant your body gives you some handy signs. This isn’t one for the squeamish but it’s good training for childbirth. Check out your cervical mucus. Yep, the white sticky stuff that comes out of your vagina. When your egg is released it goes from gloopy and thick to a bit more watery and stretchy, helping the bloke’s swimmers live longer. 

You might get a bit of a dull ache lower down on your stomach (catchily called Mittelschmerz). And it’s normal for nature to do her thang and make you feel a bit horny. Not sure if you’re ovulating? You can get an ovulation kit* (a bit like a pregnancy test) that tells you when it’s happening. 

Want to help your body out? Relaxxxx. Trying for a baby can start to feel like a chore, but it’s supposed to be a pleasurable thing. And look after yourself, eat a balanced diet, take a walk and get some sleep. Grab yourself some pregnancy vitamins, you can’t start taking them too soon. 

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