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Your Pregnancy - Week 25

Here you are, Week 25 already.

If you’re having more than one baby you might start your antenatal classes this week. And maybe that’ll start you thinking about what you want to put in your hospital bag. You don’t need it ready to go until about Week 36 but it’s a good excuse to put your feet up for half an hour and do a bit of online shopping. 

It’s common for tiredness to creep in as you reach the end of your second trimester. Not only are you creating and growing life your body is changing and adapting by the day. And that can make you feel like you could drop off any second. 

The key to dealing with it is to listen to your body, rest when you can, ask for help and make sure you’re getting enough sleep. If you feel like fatigue is getting in the way of your ability to function, then chat with your midwife or doctor as it can signify that you’re anaemic. 

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What does my baby look like?

Craving cauliflower cheese? Maybe it’s because that’s your baby this week, around the size of a cauli. They’ve shot up by almost 5 cm and gained another 100g or so. 

And all that growing makes them even more active, so expect to feel lots of kicks and punches. Your baby now has every single organ and system they need to survive, they just need a few more weeks inside you to pack on the pounds and get stronger. 

Do I need to do antenatal classes? 

When you get pregnant you’ll be told about antenatal classes (ante means before, so it’s a before you give birth class). They can give you loads of handy info, prepare you for your baby’s birth and help you build a network of other mums and dads. 

They get booked up fast so if you want to do them make sure you get a class organised early on. They’re free on the NHS and you usually get a few classes starting when you’re 30 or so weeks (what you get depends on where you live). You can also pay for extra antenatal classes if you prefer. 

You can usually take your partner or a friend with you, and there are often specific classes if you’re having multiples or you’re single, a teenager or English isn’t your first language. 

You’ll cover various topics from feeding and caring for your baby to what to expect during labour, keeping healthy during your pregnancy to pain relief and what happens if the doctors need to help you (interventions like forceps). 

You don’t have to go to these classes but they’ll prepare you for what’s coming and you might even find some friends for life! 

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