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Your Pregnancy - Week 28

So this is it, your final trimester.

Week 28 is the first week in the final part of your pregnancy. You’re getting closer to meeting your baby. But this can also be a bit of a rollercoaster time. It’s normal to feel excited and terrified at the same time, it’s a good idea to go along to antenatal classes because they’ll give you information and help you build a network to feel more secure as you become a parent. 

And if you’ve had a mainly symptom free second trimester you might start to feel all sorts of physical changes again. You’ve got a fast-growing baby in there and in these last few weeks they gain the most weight. And that creates all sorts of lovely problems like indigestion and back pain. It’s also very common for that lovely barfy feeling you thought you’d left behind in trimester one to rear its ugly head again. 

You might feel like slowing down a bit and that’s actually exactly what your body needs, take the chance to rest up before your baby arrives. 

If you have any worries at all or any symptoms that don’t seem quite right (ones to watch out for include bleeding, bad headaches and very swollen hands and feet) then call your midwife or doctor. 

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What does my baby look like?

This week is a real milestone for your baby as they now weigh one whole kilogram (1kg). That’s about as big as a pineapple (or a bottle of wine, if only you could have a glass!).

Your baby now has noticeable eyelashes and can blink, only a few weeks now until you can stare into their eyes. 

My boobs are leaking! 

When you have your baby your milk ‘comes in’ after a few days. But it’s normal for your boobs to start leaking while you’re still pregnant. 

In the last trimester, your boobs start to produce colostrum, the very first milk your baby has. And sometimes a bit can dribble out. The easiest way to deal with it is not to fiddle with your nipples or boobs, instead just pop a nursing pad in your bra. If it’s pouring out of you or there’s any sign of blood, then chat with your midwife or GP. 

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