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Your Pregnancy - Week 30

Just ten weeks to go until you’re 40 weeks and full term.

Week 30 is the third week in your final trimester and we’re at countdown time!  

Your baby doesn’t have as much room to move around now so the leaping and jumping about can feel more like steady swishes or wriggling around. 

There isn’t a particular number of movements you should feel in a day, it really depends on your baby. But what you should notice is their ‘normal’ pattern and watch out if that changes. 

Sometimes less movement can be a sign that your baby isn’t well and you need to get things checked out, so if you notice a change, call your midwife or doctor straight away. 

You don’t need to wait, even if it’s the middle of the night. If your baby is moving less, not at all or there’s a change in their normal pattern get in touch with your midwife or maternity unit. They can monitor you and your baby and check everything is ok. 

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What does my baby look like?

Your baby is now just a shade under 40cm and weighs about 1.3kg. That’s about the length of a cucumber. Your baby will now pack on about half a pound (0.2kg) every week until they’re born. 

If you rub or touch your bump your baby usually kicks back or moves. It’s great fun to see how they respond to your voice or different types of music. 

I can’t stop tidying up and organising 

Suddenly find yourself organising every cupboard in your house, charity shopping everything in sight and organising your bookcases by height? This is called nesting. 

It’s not a trend, it’s a real thing that happens to pregnant women, usually around the start of the third trimester. Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen to you though, everyone is different. 

No one really knows why it happens, but you have increased adrenaline at the end of your pregnancy, which boosts energy. And the instinct to protect drives you to create a safe and welcoming environment for your baby. 

It can come in handy if you want your house in order but just remember to take it slowly, no going up ladders or lifting really heavy boxes and it’s best to avoid toxic cleaning chemicals.

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