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Your Pregnancy - Week 4

Congratulations - you could be pregnant! 

Yes, it’s really early but pee on a stick (aka do a pregnancy test) and you could get a positive result. 

Your little clump of cells has made its way down to your uterus and plonked itself in the lining. Then the outside part connects to your blood supply and the inner layers start to become the different parts of your baby, from their lungs and bones, right down to their nails. 

You’ll probably hear a baby called an embryo at this stage, and right now it’s being fed by a tiny yolk sack. The placenta eventually takes over but it needs a few weeks to grow. 

I don’t have any symptoms? 

Now is the time to test and find out if it’s a positive or negative (product link). You need to think about your cycle and when you had sex because you might be testing too early to get a positive. 

Every single pregnancy is different. Just because your mate Sarah barfed her way through the first 12 weeks, it doesn’t mean you will. Some women have no symptoms at all, some know within a few days of conception. 

If you’re pregnant, your period might not arrive (but you can also bleed because your baby’s implanting). It’s fairly common to bleed during pregnancy and it’s not always serious, but it can be a sign of miscarriage or other problems so if you’re worried get checked at your local Early Pregnancy Unit

You might have sore boobs or feel some slight cramping. Or you may get a weird taste in your mouth or go off certain things. Take a test and keep taking those pregnancy vitamins. 

Got a big fat positive? You can roughly work out your due date (it might change when you have your first scan around 12 weeks). 

Newly pregnant and want some help or support? Join us and over 70k mums in our Facebook group, they know exactly where you’ve been. 

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