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Your Pregnancy - Week 41

Have you gone past your due date? Welcome to Week 41.

We know you’re feeling fed up and the size of a house, your day will come soon! Let’s start with some facts. 

Only about 4% of babies are born on their due date and you aren’t actually classed as overdue until you’re past 42 weeks (also called post-term or prolonged). Due dates aren’t 100% accurate and no one really knows why some babies prefer to stay comfy inside their mums.

I’m overdue - what are my options? 

You were probably offered (or had) a sweep at your 40-week midwife appointment and you’ll be offered one again at your 41-week check-up. You don’t have to do the sweep but it often kick starts labour. 

Your midwife or doctor will pop their fingers inside your vagina and sweep around your cervix. They’re trying to separate the membranes of the sac around your baby from your cervix, if they can do it there’s a release of hormones that can start your labour. It shouldn’t hurt but it can be a bit ouchy and you might bleed a bit. 

You could try and start labour yourself but most of the ideas passed around don’t work. 

Your midwife or doctor might offer an induction - especially if you’re over 42 weeks. 

If you get to 42 weeks and don’t go for an induction you’ll be monitored closely to keep an eye on you and your baby. Most babies are fine but there is a higher risk of stillbirth after 42 weeks. 

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