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Read This Before Picnicking With Your Baby!

by Yvette Embleton

July is National Picnic Month and if you’ve not dared to dine outside just yet, that’s ok! There’s still the whole summer ahead of us. To help you on your way, we’ve popped together 5 things to read before picnicking with your baby. 


1. Your baby may not eat! 

Typical, you go to all this effort and baby is just not interested! You even brought cute little napkins!

Eating outside is exciting and different, especially when you’re a baby. There’s so much to see and explore. This is why they mostly like won’t eat the same as they would do indoors.

Don’t get frustrated though, just enjoy spending time together doing something different. Perhaps try and keep some familiarity by offering your babies usual foods and drinks.


2. A game of roly-poly! 

This might seem like an obvious one but make sure to set up your picnic on even ground. If your baby isn’t sturdy yet chances are you’ll turn to grab something from your bag and baby will enjoy their first game of roly-poly. Eeek!!! Don’t worry, you’re not the first and won’t be the last.


3. Remember to eat!

Chances are you’ll be that concerned about creating a lovely picnic for baby that you’ll forget that it’s your picnic too. Go on, pack that yummy-treat you’ve been thinking about and enjoy it outside in the sunshine! Unless your yummy-treat is wine, best to leave that at home for after bedtime!


4. Ready, Set, Go! 

You might have a lovely plan to spend an afternoon in the park, but be prepared to leave! A change in the weather, a forgotten appointment or mummy-date, a poosplosion, a cranky baby…literally anything. If you’re on your own just take essentials so you can pack up and leave as soon as you need to.


Note: Make sure baby is in a happy-ish mood before heading out. If they aren’t feeling great, it might just be an added stress you both don’t need. There’ll be other sunny days to enjoy together.


5. You can’t take too many photos 

You’ll always cherish the memories of lovely summer days in the park with your baby. Make sure to snap photos! Next summer they’ll have grown up so much and it will be a completely different experience. Remember there are only 18 summers from them entering the world to becoming an adult. Enjoy them!


TIP:  If you’re picnicking at a local spot, maybe take a photo by a nice tree or statue. You can take one every year during National Picnic Month and then you’ll be able to compare how much they’ve changed!


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