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Dining With A Toddler: The 10 Commandments

by Rebecca Wilson

If you’ve got a toddler I’m sure you’ll be aware of The 10 Commandments.  These commandments are ESSENTIAL to the smooth running of mealtimes – disobey if you dare!  If you are still blessed with a speechless, non argumentative baby or you’re in pregnancy bliss, congratulations, you’ve got a head start, some of us were not privy to these rules and we spent many a meal time suffering for it… consider this training – you’re welcome.

1. I must sit on you or hang on to your arm.

2.I will eat from your plate.

3.You will not eat from my plate.

4.I will drink your drink.  You must finish said drink once I have deposited half of my chewed dinner into it.

5.Each mouthful will not be greater than the size of a baked bean – no exceptions.

6.I must be praised – with applause and standing ovation after every mouthful.

7.Dinner must be on my special plate – spoiler alert: special plate changes every day and sometimes seconds after I’ve chosen said plate and you’ve plated up dinner.

8.Cutlery? What’s cutlery? I WILL use my hands – for all foods.

9.I will only eat 3 mouthfuls, pudding will then be provided, with a glass of milk followed by whatever snacks take my fancy while I watch a really mind-numbing cartoon.

10.None of these rules apply to Grandma or anyone else who cooks for me – unless you’re there.

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