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The Art Of Making Mummy Friends.

by Kerry Kemp

For all the new Mummies and Mummies to be out there, have you found that with being pregnant or having a baby now, you’ve begun to see your friends that you used to talk to or even see dwindle?

I know the feeling. They were all excited to hear you were pregnant and can’t wait for your little one to be here. Now further on in the pregnancy they have invited you out and you have more than likely said no as your exhausted. Everyone knows growing a human being inside your can be tiring right?

Not all of your friends will understand how you feel as they haven’t experienced pregnancy themselves yet. You feel so tired, fed up and want to be your old energetic self again.

But trust me, that will never come close to the feeling of having your own little baby in your arms. All of those friends who wanted to meet your little bundle of joy are now not talking to you or they are too busy to see you and that does make you feel shit. Knowing all your friends are busy party away and can’t be bothered with you any more.

But sod them. You don’t need them if they are not willing to come and see you. You
haven’t changed, your still the same person as you was before but your just got
different priorities now. Your priorities are now making sure your baby is happy and
fed and need teaching about this new world. Your friends still think your priority is
still having fun being up at god knows what time in the morning but no the priority is

being up a godly hours waking up to do your mummy duties to your bundle of joy.

As your baby gets older, you’re in the house 24/7, only talking to this little human , who

you can’t have a actual conversation with. You feel comfortable with staying at home
while your other half works. Now you have been in too long and you need some adult

company, adult conversations.

I know how you all feel, my anxiety is taking over me and my support worker told me to

get out the house because your baby needs it more than you . He/she needs to meet
other babies to learn to play, share and have fun with other people not just you.

It is a huge step getting out the house for your little one. I know….

So I decided to join a group called mummy social where you see who is about your

area with the same age child. I’m useless at using this but just need the confidence to

talk to them. Lucky enough for me I’ve made a mummy friend out of it. She’s managed to get me out of the house to play groups and to meet other mummy’s.

It was a huge step for me and yes my anxiety did play up but got to kick it in the but
once in a while and do things out of your comfort zone for your child, who looks up to
you and for you to show the world isn’t scary but it is a happy joyful place.

So I know your too scared to meet other mummy’s just in case they judge you, they

won’t or they shouldn’t as we all are on the same boat. Everyone knows how you are
feeling. And having a mummy friend you can be able to talk about the experiences as
a mum and help each other through whilst each of us is struggling.
I know it can be scary at times, but think about the little
bundle of joys who is laughing and playing away on the floor, who needs that
interaction for there future!


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