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20 Most Annoying Phrases To Dads…

by Bump, Baby & You

Daddies, how many of these 20 annoying phrases do you LOATHE?!

Channel Mum undertook some interesting research to discover the most annoying, irritating, eye-roll inducing comments that daddies these days hear, and they were bombarded with responses from beleaguered fathers…

Founder Siobhan Freegard has stated; “…almost all parenting issues still only focus on mum’s involvement – so no wonder dads feel fed up. Modern men are doing more parenting than ever before so that’s why it’s frustrating for dads when people are still surprised they can care effectively for their kids.”

I totally agree with her – it must be incredibly annoying for our daddy followers. 

The Top 20

1. You’ve got him well trained

3. Are you disappointed the baby wasn’t a boy?

4. Are you babysitting today?

5. It’s nice to see a man looking after the kids

6. Bet you can’t wait until your wife comes back

7. Wow, your baby is massive!

8. Get used to never having sex again now the kids are here

9. Who ironed the kids’ clothes?

10. Did your wife lay out the kids’ outfits for you?

11. There’s always one! (if you arrive late somewhere)

12. You’re actually quite good at putting on a nappy

13. Oh, you managed to make it here on time

14. You’re such a hands-on dad

15. You’re such a softie

16. Where is your partner?

17. Oh, you managed to remember to pack his PE kit

18. Is it hard to work full time with a baby?

19. Your baby seems really happy with you

20. It must be hard for you to get up early with the kids

Got any to add? Tell us in the comments!

Love from Katie. Xx

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