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Hospital Sign Sparks Outrage Amongst Parents

by Bump, Baby & You

A mum has shared a photo of a controversial sign she’s spotted in the Special Care Baby Unit at her hospital, sparking outrage and debate…

Mummy Ash Cottrell posted the offending image on her Twitter whilst in SCBU with her newborn… What do you think? We think that the wording is tactless and not at all helpful to tired and emotional new parents who need a breather, not shaming for catching up with the outside world at what must be a very worrying and isolating time.

Of course, looking at and engaging with your baby is very, very important, and it can even help your supply when pumping, but the tone of the message is more patronising than informative – a better approach is needed by the unnamed hospital in this instance!

Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx


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Anonymous 22nd January 2020 - 4:24 pm

That would definitely annoy me. If you have a baby in scbu you’re spending the majority of your time there, with your baby.
There will be family contacting you to see how baby is doing, you might have older children that you want to check up on, there is so much that you can’t physically do so you need to be in contact with others who can help out. And to do all this you need to use your phone!
I find it a bit patronising to be honest x

Emily 22nd January 2020 - 4:32 pm

I am a NICU/SCBU nurse and we have recently spoke about displaying similar signs in our unit. It’s very rare to see a parent feeding or cuddling their baby without a phone in their hand these days. As much as we encourage taking lots of photos of baby, you also need to look into your baby’s eyes, talk/read/sing to them, and interact with them, even at the newborn stage. Phones are very useful things and even I would struggle without mine, but for half an hour ever 3/4 hours, it’s not that difficult to put down to bond with your baby during their feed xx


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