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Having a Baby in 2022?

Are you due in 2022? Well, we have some pretty mind-blowing facts for you.

It can be both terrifying and thrilling to imagine the future with our babies, from bump to baby, baby to toddler, toddler to teen, and all that lies beyond. These future date factoids will certainly put life into perspective - share with your fellow pregnant friends too, we're sure they'll be awed to imagine the future as their baby grows up into an adult themselves.

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 What year will my 2022 baby start school in the UK?

2026 and 2027 are the years where your 2022 baby will be looking to start school. Compulsory school age in the UK is five, with starting at four being an option.

What year will my 2022 baby finish high school?

Your future teenager will be set to leave high school in 2037 or 2038 - wow! You'll be thinking of prom dresses or suits, booking a limo, and sorting out tickets to their big prom night with their friends. 

What year will my 2022 baby be able to start driving lessons?

As if it wasn't mind-blowing enough to imagine your bump or tiny tot as a teenager, imagine them zooming around with L plates on... Eeek! Your 2022 baby will be set to get on the road in the year 2039. You'd best get saving!

When can my 2022 baby have their first (legal) alcoholic drink?

You'll be able to take your sidekick to the pub for their first legal alcoholic beverage in the year 2040. In writing, that seems a lifetime away, but in perspective, 18 years isn't all that long...

When will my 2022 baby turn 40?

This fact definitely fills us with a strange mix of fear, anticipation and excitement for the future... Our 2022 babies will celebrate their 40th in the year 2062, hopefully with us and their own loved ones gathered around to celebrate their milestone birthday.

What year will my 2022 baby reach retirement age in?

Unless the age of retirement changes again, your bundle of joy will be able to hang up their work clothes for good in the year 2088.

Our verdict...

It can feel rather odd, imagining the little one kicking inside your tummy as a teenager and adult, living their life and creating their own stories in future, we're sure you'll agree. These date facts can also help to make it all seem a bit more 'real', as we're all too aware of how surreal the pregnancy experience can feel! Often, it only really hits home when your baby is screaming on your chest; it's so intense, so we hope that this article offers some perspective.

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