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'Sharenting' - Why I Love it!

I’ve always loved ‘sharenting’; even before I became a mama myself.

‘Sharenting’; when parents habitually share posts about their child on social media.

In all honestly, for me there’s nothing quite as heart warming after a crap day than a newsfeed full of huge sparkling eyes, beaming gummy grins, videos of first steps, first words, first everything. Every single snapshot of a baby’s life is magical to me, and has been long before I became a mummy myself.

I love seeing my friends and family becoming parents, even people who I’ve not seen in years, or people who I disliked at school. I take so much pleasure in seeing their pride and joy as they go from bump to baby, and as their newborn grows, learns, and laughs, and I love seeing their amazing journey as parents. It’s the greatest thing in the world!

I understand why there are folk who don’t like it, don’t get me wrong.

I’ve even been unfriended by a few people since I had Max, no doubt because my constant posting about my precious boy narks them, for some reason. Meh. There will always be a Negative Nelly!

My perfect little dude!

Personally, I am totally guilty of ‘sharenting’. My social media accounts have gone from drunken nights out, selfies and make up, to photos of my precious son as he grows up. Why? Because I am proud of his achievements, and because I have family scattered all over that don’t get to see him often, so it’s an ideal way for them to keep up with us.

There is SO much hatred and negativity on this planet, and sharenting is the antitheses of this. Sharing your love and pride with the world isn’t a bad thing at all, and thankfully many people share my sentiments!

So, mummies & daddies, keep on sharenting! Spread the love.

If you don’t want to see our sharenting, feel free to unfollow or unfriend, just please don’t whinge about proud parents who are utterly in love with their kids.

Tell me what you think of sharenting in the comments!

Love from Katie. Xx

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