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Amy Schumer Reveals Her IVF Journey in Bid For Second Baby

Amy Schumer has started her journey to give seven month old son Gene a sibling!

A mere seven months after a caesarean section, 38 year old Amy and her husband Chris Fischer have decided to freeze some embryos so that baby Gene can become a big brother at some point – we’re wincing at the photographs, as she looks so sore, but we applaud her bravery and determination. Those needle bruises look very tender!

She also imparted some advice for couples set to go on a similar journey…

Salty foods, Gatorade (or for us in the UK, isotonic sports drinks), Arnica, ice and patience are key in recovering from the IVF process according to Amy! Tell us in the comments if you have anything you’d advise our IVF patient followers when it comes to recovery.

And finally… we love her honesty when it comes to the side effects of anaesthesia that we don’t really talk about!

We can’t help but giggle at this video Amy has shared, filmed by her husband, after being given anaesthesia/sedation in order to harvest her eggs! She’s living her best life even after a medical procedure, and we applaud her for it.

We wish Amy, Chris and Gene the best of luck, and applaud her for her honesty when it comes to undergoing IVF, as well as the insight into the process. So many of us will be able to relate to their journey!

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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