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Baby Abandoned in East London: Police Urge Mummy To Come Forward

A baby boy has been found on a doorstep in East London, prompting an urgent search for his mummy.

Before anyone judges, please bear in mind that the mum is thought to be in need of medical attention herself; no one would leave their baby on a doorstep if there wasn’t something very significant going on in their lives. She needs to be found and helped as soon as possible as she could be at risk.

Without speculating, there are so many awful situations that can spark a mum to do this; domestic abuse, shock at not realising  she was pregnant, her mental health, there are so many possibilities and we hope that this mum can get some help. No one just abandons their baby for no reason.

The baby boy, nicknamed Edward, was found wrapped in a knitted blanket and wearing a grey babygrow and hat, on a resident’s doorstep, on the morning of 25th of January 2020. He was thought to be no older than 12 hours old and is thriving under the care of medical professionals.

The Metropolitan Police have issued a statement asking the mummy to come forward;

#APPEAL | Urgent appeal to find mum of abandoned newborn baby boyPolice are appealing for the mother of a newborn baby…

Posted by Metropolitan Police Service on Monday, 27 January 2020

If you know who Edward’s mummy is, please contact the police urgently.

If you are Edward’s mummy, please speak up and contact the police so that they can help you. We send you and your gorgeous little boy all of our love.

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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